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5 000 000

B2C smart health project, working MVP, verified market fit on pilot market:1500+ clients, $120k rev

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Both Hardware & Software

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Early mental, endo & heart problems arise prematurely for people (like us!) living and working in big cities, due to stress, sedentary lifestyle, bad ecology.
Today 80% of diseases could have been avoided or postponed, but only 8% of people do preventive actions - we democratize prevention, make it hassle free and consumer centric.
Our customers are health-conscious adults, with the desire to keep their health as long as possible, who are comfortable to delegate daily routine tasks to technology.
Now they can track individual signals via one-indication smart wearables and get incomplete & incomparable data, or go to healthcare system with all associated costs & burden.


We bring preventive diagnostics and health monitoring to home usage, empowering people to be the owners of their health, and connecting them to most innovative medtech solutions from all over the world.

We are open platform connecting other cool vertical health startups, as a result making more complete health picture for the clients.

Do we ultimately solve the problem - realistically no, but we make it smarter, broader, more accessible, and much easier. We aim to make caring about your health as easy as brushing the teeth each morning.

We have tested MVP (consists of 3 first products and 2 services) on 1500 clients


We see the current TAM is already $2bn with CAGR more than 30% yoy, if we talk about existing users of smart health products across US/EU/SEA.


3 types of competition: 1) big pharma/insurance with their plans and patient programs, but they still focus around HCPs and "sick care" rather than health care 2) tech giants, launching one indication wearables, e.g. smart watch. Great, but don’t provide the full picture on health. 3) vertical health tech startups - why compete if we can partner! we'd rather unite them, providing additional promotion & sales channel, while giving to consumer more accessibility to great new solutions. This is exactly how we are going to make it a big global story

Business Model

Our business model is B2C products & in-app subscriptions, and B2B2C revenue from commission sales of external med devices/services.
Target margin is at 50%, with LTV being at min $250, out of which $100 CAC


We have tested the concept on pilot market and within 9 months we have got 1500 clients with total $120k revenue. Pricing is local (rubles, that's why lesser amounts), but we saw already about 15% of users, willing to purchase each next product (software or hardware), and that's for MVP!
Average acquisition time - about 1 week.
Target segments, that we have tested: sport & fitness lovers, diet seekers, mothers-to-be, office men in their 40s. for them we have understood drivers, barriers, products they love, feedback/questions they have

Go-to-Market Strategy

We are available at local online shop, local marketplaces, selected B2B distribution (electronics, sport&wellness goods). Pilot sales offer is to start measuring one's body signals. Communication channels include social media, influencers, KOLs, Facebook & instagram ads, SEA.


After we have tested the concept on first several products, we are to build the full stack platform to connect health tech startups to it, and allow them to get integrated into our mobile app. Then - work on interoperability of the data and mine to the next level of diagnostics & recommendations.
In parallel - we are to enter the global markets and start first sales in selected english-speaking countries. Target is US, english-friendly EU, ME & SEA.


We are the team of 4 growth warriors and 2 strong business advisors.
We all have health & wellnes product background. Proudly saying for myself that I’m one of the few international hands-on experts in health tech, worked with proven success record both in startups and corporations
To date I have raised $1,5mio (in local currency) to do the pilot of my project.
I have medical partner, CTO and Operations partner as the core members of the team. One advisor for international sales, focusing on wellness devices and one - on business development in general.

Fundraising terms

We are raising $5m for next 3 years, to build the full-scale platform and go for growth at international level. Can be structured as $2 and $3 m consequently.
For the next year we need $2m at $12m current valuation, given as equity


The structure is as follows: 50% is for the team costs, 35% - for marketing, logistics, partnerships, 15% - for administrative and infrastructure costs.
Our plan is to reach $5,9mio cumulative revenue in 3 years, which means 50x

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